Luigi Pavone

I’m not a believer and I think that there is nothing interesting in theological debate, nevertheless I wish to say something about Christian faith and its relation to Christian hope. The view that have wide acceptance – at least by believers – hold that Christian faith and Christian hope come in the same package, there is no one without the other. In «Spe Salvi» (2007), Ratzinger say that in most of biblical passages “faith” and “hope” are interchangeable. We could argue, to be sure, that this interchangeability is not evident, although he has certain reasons for talking in this way. But I wish raise a question concerning the boundary of Christian community. Ratzinger’s view seem to support a chauvinist stance excluding who only hope – that is, who only have Christian hope. Why should we think that he isn’t a really Christian? According to Ratzinger’s view, he isn’t a really member of Christian community, since, as we said, Christian faith and Christian are interchangeable. I doubt that it’s truth. Evidently, the question is not whether the content of Hope is a rational or irrational content, but whether who only hope have a right to be called by the label “Christian”. Ratzinger’s view deny absolutely such right. But, I believe, this is unfair.

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